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Back from Bridges – What a Blast!

Last week I spent an incredible 5 days at the Bridges conference.  It is impossible for me to describe how inspiring, uplifting, energizing, and life-changing this experience was!  The best I’ve been able to capture it for people is to say “I found my tribe!”

As a first time attendee, I was amazed at how consistently friendly, open, and interesting my fellow attendees were. I engaged in countless fascinating conversations, made umpteen new friends, and gathered terrific leads on resources, vendors, techniques, other artists, etc. In addition to the dozens of incredible lectures and workshops, there was a stunning art exhibition.

There were also informally organized activities, such as George Hart‘s dodecahedron-from-laying-cards:

George Hart workshop - warmup

George Hart workshop – warmup

George Hart workshop - final

George Hart workshop – final

and Paul Hildebrandt et al’s construction of a giant (temporary) sculpture out front based on his Zometool model:


Zome construction 1

Zome construction 1

Zome construction 2

Zome construction 2

My only regret was that I found out about the conference too late this year to submit a paper or art work – but you can believe I’m going to next year!

About Phil Webster

Phil Webster is a life-long geometry buff and sculptor. These days he is using emerging technologies like 3D printing to create designs that have been lurking in his head for years.

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