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MoMath Invitations are revealed

Hi folks,

A few months back I wrote about my contribution to the invitation for the Grand Opening Gala event for the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath).  I have finally received my own copise of the finished invitations, and they are even more beautiful than I had imagined! You can see the final version in the portfolio section, but here I will provide additional photos showing how the entire piece came together and was delivered to the attendees.

Evolution of the Project

At the outset, we knew we wanted to create something really amazing and preferably 3-dimensional, and which reflected the concept of “three twelves” to connect it with the event date of 12-12-12. I explored several prototypes based on shapes that “popped up” into three dimensional form, but ultimately none of them were sturdy enough to count on. At that point we shifted our focus to laser cutting, and suddenly things fell into place.

The final product was a laser cut piece (the part that I designed) which could deliver flat, folded around the invitation proper (designed by the MoMath team), but then unfolded and able to be assembled into a 3 dimensional tetrahedron shape.

Opening the Invitation

At some point I’ll try to shoot a video of how the invitation looks being opened, but for now here are some photos to give a feel for it.

When the invitation is first taken out of the envelope one simply sees a triangle with a cut out circle revealing the MoMath slogan “Math, unsquared.”:

MoMath invitation - in envelope

MoMath invitation – in envelope


Flipping it over, one gets the first glimpse of the intricate 12-fold spiral star cutouts, which in this folded up form are stacked on top of each other:

MoMath invitation - folded up

MoMath invitation – folded up


Unfolding a little further reveals the invitation hiding inside:

MoMath invitation - fully unfolded

MoMath invitation – fully unfolded


MoMath invitation - with inserts

MoMath invitation – with inserts


Finally, one notices the tabs and slots and realizes that the laser cut piece, which has gone from a small, folded up triangle to a large, unfolded triangle, can be assembled into a 3 dimensional tetrahedron:

MoMath invitation - unfolded with shadow

MoMath invitation – unfolded with shadow


The three spiral stars representing the 12-12-12 opening date now provide windows into the bright white interior, and cast fantastic shadows in bright light:

MoMath invitation - shadow 2

MoMath invitation – shadow 2


About Phil Webster

Phil Webster is a life-long geometry buff and sculptor. These days he is using emerging technologies like 3D printing to create designs that have been lurking in his head for years.

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