Santa Cruz Parks & Trails

As a recent transplant to the Santa Cruz area, and an enthusiastic hiker, I am fascinated by the huge number of parks and trails surrounding me. Using Mapbox Editor and Mapbox Studio, I created a set of custom CartoCSS styles to highlight just parks and trails (in shades of green) against a neutral gray and white base map.

Some features of the map include:

  • Highlighting of parks and trails using green area color and labels
  • Gray & white base map and suppression of usual road labels
  • Highlighting of rivers and streams (important for hiking)
  • Progressively more detail at higher zoom levels
  • Positioning of trail names to side of trail for legibility (as opposed to default centered on line positioning)

Though the map is initially centered on (you guessed it!) Santa Cruz, you can pan and zoom the map to anywhere in the world, and the styling still applies. Take a look at the parks and trails in your area!

See the full interactive web map here.