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Screened Icosahedron - orange background

Screened Icosahedron

Details Description The Screened Icosahedron is the application of a traditional, hexagon-based Islamic pattern to the faces of an icosahedron.  The result is a delicate, intricate shape that invites study. Most people turn it in their hands a number of times, then hold it up close and peer through it, in order to appreciate everything […]

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12-Pointed Zome Star - on white light shadow

12-pointed Zome Star

Details Description Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been gaga over Zometool ever since I discovered it.  This amazing building tool (see the Links page for the company and a related book) is a wonderful exploration tool. One day I wondered: what can I build using only yellow Zome struts?  One of my discoveries was […]

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