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Working on Invitations for the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath)

This post is just a little teaser…

I’m hard at work helping with a project for the Museum of Mathematics (affectionately known as MoMath), which is opening in Manhattan this December. They are having a Grand Opening Gala event — cleverly scheduled on 12-12-12 — for which they want a really special invitation.  I won’t be able to reveal the invitation until after they are sent out, but suffice it to say that we’ve settled in on a design direction and are having great fun playing with the idea of 3 twelves.

More to come…

UPDATE 1/4/2013: The invitations are now finished – read more in this post.

About Phil Webster

Phil Webster is a life-long geometry buff and sculptor. These days he is using emerging technologies like 3D printing to create designs that have been lurking in his head for years.

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